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Ottawa Wedding Photographer 

Photography is a way of Feeling of Touching, of Loving,  What you have caught on film is Captured Forever.
It remembers little things, Long after you have forgotten everything.
…Aaron Siskind

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My Wedding Promise to You:

As your photographer, I make a commitment to you that your wedding
is not just another commission, it is your LOVE STORY for me to capture.

I am never too busy to connect to answer any questions you may have about your plans,
or share any tidbits of logistical or creative advice gained from our experience in the wedding industry.

Building a relationship with you is the part of my job that I love the most.
As I get to know you and your creative vision {in the months leading up
to wedding day} I will be able to photograph your wedding with
a unique perspective of your love story and provide unparalleled
story telling coverage on your day.

Ultimately, my goal is to create images as unique as the people in them.
I look forward to the crossing of paths and capturing memories for you.
XOXO, Annemarie