Wedding + Engagement


Photography is:
a way of Feeling, Touching, Loving.

What you have caught on film is Captured Forever.
It remembers little things, Long after you have forgotten everything.

...Aaron SISKIND

You’ve decided on your dream location and found the perfect dress. Now you’re looking for someone to capture the spirit of your wedding day. I specialize in timeless, editorial style wedding photography. I equally love developing a unique and creative vision with each couple.

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My Wedding Promise

to You

As your photographer I make a commitment to you:
That your wedding is not just another commission. It is your LOVE STORY for me to capture. I am never too busy to connect to answer any questions you may have about your plans, or share any tidbits of logistical or creative advice gained from my experience in the wedding industry.

Building a relationship with you is the part of my job that I love the most. As I get to know you and your creative vision I will be able to photograph your wedding with a unique perspective of your love story and provide unparalleled story telling coverage on your day.


Ultimately, my goal is to create images as unique as the people in them. I look forward to the crossing of paths and capturing memories for you.



Love lets you find

“Those hidden places in another person, even the ones they didn’t know were there, even the ones they wouldn’t have thought to call beautiful themselves.”


engagement sessions

Are one of my favourite sessions for a few reasons. As a bride could you imagine walking down the aisle without having a fitting for your wedding dress? This is the ideal opportunity to get to know me your photographer and capture beautiful photos. They can be used for save the dates, signing books or framed art. Most importantly you become more comfortable in front of the camera so taking photos on your big day is effortless.

Become inspired with this curated collection of my favourite engagement images:

let's be