Teammates for Kids and Garth Brooks

You just never know when your going to cross paths with an angel.  A few weeks ago my Saturday started out like any other, breakfast, coffee, a little more coffee… packed my gear double checked the batteries, memory cards etc…  The job I thought I was going to shoot was an event for underprivileged kids hosted on by a PRO Camp out of the US called ‘Teammates for Kids’. The day was to involve a few pro-hockey players teaching the kids a few of their skills via floor hockey.   Back to my original statement; you never know when you’re going to meet an angel, Garth Brooks was the angel of the day!!!  For every town he visits while on tour, he hosts one of these events.  This experience was totally hands on ad these kids felt so special and loved it was truly amazing to witness.  Garth was totally hands all afternoon, giving of himself, his time and not just writing a cheque.

My heart was overflowing through the whole day.  I watched these kids show up, not really knowing what to expect many were a bit reserved and held back, some just looked like they were in need of breakfast {side note: t-shirts, breakfast and lunch was supplied for all the campers}  by the end of the day these kids had grins so large it looked like the time of their lives. I think the biggest lesson learned by all was ‘THEY MATTER’.  The whole event was such a feel good time, I still have butterflies bouncing around with joy in my heart when I think about that Saturday that started out like any other.

Enjoy the pics!!