The hours as a Professional Photographer…

I was recently challenged with a math question, ‘How many hours do you think you’ve been a Professional Photographer?’.  At first thought I was a bit overwhelming to think about BOTH the question and the result, I didn’t want to think about it because first instinct is OMG I’m old. It seems like a lifetime ago that I graduated from Art College {yup I studied for five years too} I’ve been in this profession a while now, well quite a while… 26 yrs.  AND I can honestly say oops to forgetting to shout to the rooftops my 25th year in the biz.  That aside I started figuring out the calculations of hours as a pro. Based on an average 40hr work week over 26yrs, PRO HOURS as a PHOTOGRAPHER = 54,080 I know a big number right!!! This feels HUGE, not necessarily old.  How many rolls of film, actuations on my camera’s, clicks of the shutter…. ?????

The question was posed to me at a gathering of creatives were lots of ideas, visuals are chatted about, good energy’s shared and a refueling of the creative juices per say.  When I started to think of the number of hours invested as a professional photographer I was overwhelmed with a sense of awe and joy.  I started visualizing the countless grains of sand on a beach then my thoughts quickly shifted to all the faces and moments I’ve captured, smiles, giggles laughter, paths walked, fingers and toes on newborns, corporate profile images, stories shared, the I Do’s at a wedding, countless numbers of boutonnieres pinned on groomsmen, family moments captured. I can honestly say there’s never really been a dull moment.  The formulas of how to take imaging stays true but the variable of ‘humans’ brings a life force to my career that I wouldn’t dream of changing. Seasons change, faces come and go, lives intersect, friendships are made, the thirst for new angles, locations and finding the right light is constant. I can honestly say that I look forward to another 50,000+ hrs in this creative industry called photography!!

NOW how to celebrate 26+ years as a Pro Photographer?