Local Love – Downtown Ottawa

I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful city. Ottawa is full of prime shooting locations – between historic landmarks, monuments and parks to the scenery, landscapes and small towns along the outskirts of the city {Thank you NCC for keeping the green-spaces alive and well}. As a photographer who’s been shooting in Ottawa for the last 15 years I can tell you I have definitely found my ‘go-to’ shooting spots. It’s easy when downtown Ottawa has SO much to see.

This blog post is meant to show the amazing shooting sites downtown Ottawa has to offer. Even with a tried and true ‘go-to’ locations list it’s important to make each shoot as unique as possible. Even though I’ve shot amongst these backdrops a multitude of times over the years, the outcome is always a little different creating something unique to you and your family. With changing of the seasons, individuality of my subjects, each session captured is as unique as you: as a couple, an individual, or a family. I like to think I capture peoples individuality amongst familiar and iconic backdrops unique to Ottawa.

I’m going to be dedicating the next few posts to ‘Local Love’ of Ottawa. So if you love Ottawa as much as I do, stay posted! Curious, where are your favourite places in Ottawa?