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I have an exciting little share. I was recently interviewed by Karolina at ‘Elite Bridal Registry’ and she has written the most blushing article about moi. I’m totally not used to being the center of attention, I leave that spotlight for my brides!!! I’m the one that stands back and documents, captures the story telling moments moments we like to call life. Anyway without further adieu I share this beautifully written article….
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When we reached out to Annemarie from Annemarie Gruden Photography we were delighted with the light-hearted and graciousness of her response. Even being a seasoned photographer for 20+ years, Annemarie continues to be a wonderfully down-to-earth person who loves interacting with people. She was kind enough to give us a moment of her busy day to explore why you should look at Annemarie to do your wedding photography.

Annemarie started out her career in photography when she graduated from ACAD in Alberta and worked for 10+ years with corporate clients. She did a 180 change and moved to Ontario, Canada and began photographing families, weddings and people. Throughout all her photographic experiences, she values weddings the most, as was made obvious when Annemarie told EBR’s Karolina Szczepanowska: “weddings are a celebration of life and love and it gives me great pleasure to be involved. It’s an incredible honour to be invited to use my talents to capture the memories for my clients to look back years from now, possibly share a funny story or two with their grandchildren from some quirky image captured”.

Annemarie describes her photographic style as lifestyle/editorial with a flare of romance. What does that mean for you? Well, you can definitely count on her to capture those real life moments in your wedding, the sweet moments during the ceremony, and the funny moments of laughter and love on the dance floor. She strives to create your wedding photo’s as a story, flowing together for you to cherish forever. We asked Annemarie how she gathers ideas from her clients, and she found the most ingenious way; Pinterest! Annemarie has her clients compile all their favourite images on Pinterest and send them over so she can recreate your vision. This creatives a fun way for the bride and groom to get their vision across and it is why Annemarie’s clients rave about her non-stop. Overall, her clients turn into lifelong clients that keep coming back to her for all their most memorable life events. When you visit www.amgphoto.com, you will see why her clients love her and why you’ll love her too.

We wanted to give you some insider advice from Annemarie on what she believes are the top things to consider when choosing a wedding photographer. Her two biggest pieces of advice were: “it shouldn’t be about budget or using the same photographer as your best friend. You need to find someone that you fall in love with their style of imaging, BUT, almost as important, you need to connect with your photographer at least on a professional level. The stronger the relationship the better the imaging”. Therefore, when considering who would be best for you, try to see who makes you feel comfortable, happy, and understands and appreciates what you envision for your special day.

Annemarie also let EBR in on an exciting new advancement in her career! She is opening a new studio in Almonte, Ontario (15 mins outside of Ottawa) with her partners Brian & Ivy Hargreaves of BH Photography. You can check them out at www.twomillstudios.com when they launch in October of this year. She’s thrilled to be in a new community that is funky, quaint and lined by the Mississippi River. If you are looking for a photographer with experience, professionalism, and passion, you’ll find it in Annemarie Gruden Photography.
Check out Annemarie Gruden Photography, just visit www.amgphoto.com or reach out to her directly by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 613.266.3021. They are based in Ottawa and Gatineau and surrounding area. If you need her for another destination feel free to contact her!

Hope you enjoyed the article 🙂