A little about us…

and the boudoir experience


I have worked as a professional photographer across Canada since 1990. Professionally trained and critically acclaimed, I’m currently based in the Ottawa Gatineau region of Canada, creatively speaking locations are limitless globally and there isn’t a border I wouldn’t cross for a session.

I have put this website together to as a dedicated place in the worldwide web to share my work in the ART of BOUDOIR photography. Boudoir to me is: 'The visual celebration of capturing the beauty we all have within.' Every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful! Whether you are seeking boudoir photography to celebrate your gorgeous self, or as a unique intimate gift for your special someone in your life or celebrating a life milestone, I’m here to help you capture these images. My goal at every session is to bring out the most ‘BEAUTIFUL CONFIDENT YOU and capture it, then create visual keepsakes to remind you.

FUN FACTS about me:

  • Grudën originates from Sweden and apparently there are only 69 of us in Canada.
  • Born & raised in the West Kootenays of BC, My Dad had me skiing by the age of 3!!!
  • Favourite liquids that bring joy to my day; Americano’s,  Red wine, and H2O {NOT necessarily in that order}
  • I have a degree in Fine ART, photography with a minor in printmaking.
  • I LOVE design, lettering, and all things creative…
  • LIFE would not be complete without Movies, Music AND my crazy obsession with Nutrition & Strength training.
  • I have AMAZING girlfriends who keep me sane and grounded. 

I can honestly say I’m truly THANKFUL that I get to exercise my artistic needs for a living.  If you feel like taking this visual and creative journey with me, I would love to hear from you.  Head over to my contact page.  I look forward to the crossing of paths and creating beautiful sexy images with you!!


Real Elegance

is everywhere,
in the things that don't show.

- Christian Dior -


Clothing, partial clothing, and implied nudity can all be sexy, so plan your clothing items around what your comfort level is and what makes you feel beautiful. Boudoir only gets as daring as you want.  MORE often than not you wear less clothing on a beach than during a session.  Bring tried and true items you already have and feel beautiful wearing.... items other than lingerie {casual attire} include: sheers tops, jeans a simple white tank or cami, Blazers, jackets, fitness gear.  If this is a gift for your fiance // husband // boyfriend, then bring something from his wardrobe;  favourite shirt, his favourite tie or uniform etc...  this makes the session more personal, and it adds variety to the collection of outfits and will add to the collection of varying images.

If you plan on shopping, make sure you’ve tried the clothing on, moved around, and love it.  You will look the sexiest when you feel confident and good inside.  This is ultimately about what you want, what you like, and how you envision yourself.  Your clothing should reflect your taste and personal style.


BRA AND PANTIES:  bring a varied selection of bra and panty sets. Start with basic black and then add colors and patterns. Bras and panties can be photographed alone or paired with any of the other clothing items or accessories you bring.

LINGERIE: A baby doll nightie, vintage slip, teddy and/or camisole, silk robe always photograph well.  Corsets with thigh high stockings, a garter belt, and heels are super sexy too.  Start simple and grow more extreme from there. Think about what colors look good on you.

ACCESSORIES: You can easily modify the look of your outfit by changing your accessories and moving to a new background.  This is especially helpful during our marathons as time is a little more limited.  Accessories include jewelry, scarves, hats, stilettos, boots, gloves, fishnets, stockings, garter belts, etc.

1.  Focus on quality over quantity. Fewer outfits means less time in the dressing room and more time shooting. Only bring the stuff that really makes you look amazing.  Still can't decide, I'm happy to help choose the outfits as part of the shooting process.
2.  Bring your clothing and lingerie on hangers with a garment bag over the top. Don’t stuff it in a duffel! This will reduce wrinkles and fold lines.
3.  Clean the bottoms of your shoes (and feet) just in case they appear in a photo.
4.  Cut tags and make sure security devices have been removed from new purchases. We have scissors on hand if you forget.
5.  The magic of photoshop stops at tan lines. Schedule your session before you go on a sunny summer vacation.  If tan lines are unavoidable, bring clothing that will minimize or cover them.
6. Make sure your mani-pedi is fresh and matches your clothing colors and styles. French tips, golds, and neutral colors look really nice. Avoid bold colors as it will become the focus of the photo.
7.  Opt for lacy, sheer demi cup bras over full coverage t-shirt bras.
8.  Finally, come to the session in loose fitting clothes without bras, socks, or panties to prevent dents or lines on your body.