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Capturing Life’s Moments

We specialize in editorial style wedding, event and lifestyle people photography. Our goal at every session is to capture moments in time, forever telling the stories of your life’s milestones. We then translate those memories into visual pieces that can be passed down for generations to come as wall art, coffee table story books, keepsake cards to share with family and friends.  

Currently we’re booking for the 2019 | 2020 wedding season, and are available in Ottawa, the Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada and International destinations. We love boutique weddings so never hesitate asking for a quote, there is never an event that doesn’t spark our interest.

One adventure at a time…

One of our Favourite

places to wander {nothing beats the ocean}

Annemarie Grudën

I have worked as a professional photographer across Canada since 1990. Professionally trained and critically acclaimed, I’m currently based in the Ottawa Gatineau region of Canada, creatively speaking locations are limitless globally and there isn’t a border I wouldn’t cross for a session.

One of the first questions I am generally asked once people discover I am a photographer is… What do you photograph – families, weddings? My general response is yes, but if you were to classify subject matter I would have to say, I photograph ‘People’ whether it’s the CEO of a major corporation, the first moments of life with a newborn, capturing those unforgettable moments at a wedding. I love working with people and capturing the essence of life within each of my subjects.  

FUN FACTS about me:
~ Grudën originates from Sweden and apparently there are only 69 of us in Canada.
~ Born & raised in the West Kootenays of BC, My Dad had me skiing by the age of 3!!!
~ Favourite liquids that bring joy to my day; Americano’s,  Red wine, and H2O {NOT necessarily in that order}
~ I have a degree in Fine ART, photography with a minor in printmaking.
~ I LOVE design, lettering, and all things creative…
~ LIFE would not be complete without Movies, Music AND my crazy obsession with Nutrition & Strength training.
~ I have AMAZING girlfriends who keep me sane and grounded. 

I can honestly say I’m truly THANKFUL that I get to exercise my artistic needs for a living.  Photography has allowed me to overlap my passions for life: working with new and interesting people daily, travel, create art, and raise my family.  Send a note if you would like to connect and create some images with me!! 


Shauna Snippe

Back in the days when I was a young one, I used to take photos of random things and always have my camera with me. Now that I’m older, busy with life and all it has to offer sometimes I feel I’ve forgotten where my camera even is! Well, I’m not that old and do know where my camera is. I just sometimes forget it in the fun, craziness of life.

Post college a few years now, life seems to have a whole new feel and adventure to it. New goals are continuously being set and achieved while maintaining a level of fun along the way. When Annemarie and I aren’t shooting, editing or busy working, we’re strength training together at Gladiator. {this is to lift lots of gear and preform the 100’s of squats at a wedding} Three times a week we beat up our bodies, grunt a little, OK maybe a lot, sweat our butts off and laugh a lot through out it.  All in all fun and team building!!!

In the six years I’ve been working with Annemarie I’m constantly building and expanding my skill-set. Everyday I learn something new, be it something about shooting or editing or style. Shooting weddings has taught me how to shoot in a fast paced environment, light in all different situations and how to deal with all different kinds of situations throughout the day. It’s been a pretty crazy few summers but it’s been fun and I look forward to more to come!

Now we see where the next adventure takes me!