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You're MY Best Friend.
You smile, I smile. You cry, I cry.  What makes you happy, makes me happy.


Is one of my favourite sessions as a photographer.  It’s an important session and if given the opportunity as a couple you should take it!  As a bride could you imagine walking down the aisle without having a fitting for your wedding dress? Its the opportunity to get to know your photographer,  capture some great photo’s that you can use on or before your wedding day,  and most importantly you become more comfortable in front of the camera before the big day.

As a photographer I always coach my couples. Wonderful images don’t just happen and most of my clients aren’t models, nor do I expect them to be.  So as professionals it’s part of my job to educate, guide and direct, this enables us to capture those fabulous images that you want to see on your wedding day. Think of the engagement session as the dress rehearsal…

Have fun with your sessions, you are in total control of wardrobe, location and the season.  Most couple’s book their photographers about a year in advance, so choose your favourite season as part of the look.  Different seasons have different looks, Spring if full of lush greens with all the new leaves, fabulous blossoms on the tree’s and beautiful warm light late in the day. Summer you can have fun at the beach, bright blue skies, sandals and sundresses. I’ve been know to trek out to cottages for that personal touch.  Fall is fabulous with all the warm colours, you can layer up the clothes and get warm and cozy.  Don’t let winter scare you away with the cold, crisp clean snow and blue skies always make for winter wonderland images.

Wardrobe is also important ~ plan your outfits. I always suggest that couples coordinate and pull out your best street, going out on the town clothes, if you feel good in your clothes it will show in the photo’s. Also don’t be afraid to bring a change of wardrobe and props. It adds to the look of the session and if you are building a guest book you will have a larger variety of images to choose from.

Location, location, location... Ottawa and our surrounding area is rich with not only stunning but iconic backdrops. When choosing your location think of your favourite place to be:  an urban environment shooting amongst architecture, or get back to nature with all Ottawa’s pathways, parks and of course the Rideau Canal.  You may want to choose a spot that allows you to work with a combination of all the above.  Bottom line, have fun with your session and if you ever have a questions just reach out and ask.  We're here to help guide and direct.